Uživatel Q & A



Q1:Are you factory or trading company?

Answer: We are factory, we have R&D team and 22years experience in industrial refrigeration, we design and process chiller for kinds of process cooling needed.


Q2:What is processing time?

Answer: Standard model from 1/5ton to 50tons, we have in stock;

Bigger models from above 50tons and Customized chiller: within 15 working days.

60Hz chladiče potřebuje 30 až 40 dnů v závislosti na různých modelů.


Q3:What is the warranty?

1 year from HTI-A/W series;

2 years for screw compressor chillers; 

We keep all the parts can be replaced even updated chiller system design;


Q4:How to install and start the chiller unit?

Dodáváme schéma instalace a řešení před potvrzena chladič.

CHILLER manuální a začít video vám pomůže snadno spustit chladicí jednotku.


Q5:If any problem, how can we solve it?

A. Chladič má všechny instrukce chyb, jakmile je poplach, že je snadné zjistit;

b. We have detailed instruction for solving the problems whatever by our guidance or local service technician


Q6:Which is better, air-cooled or water-cooled?

According to your actual needs, our professional team will give the most reasonable plan.


Q7:What is the delivery term available?


T / T: Záloha a vyvážený před přepravou;

L / C při pohledu;


Q8:Do you offer OEM or ODM service?

Yes. We offer customized service accordingly.

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