Symptom of lack of refrigerant in industrial chiller

1.Compressor load increases

Although there are many reasons for the increase of compressor load, However, if chiller lack of refrigerant, compressor load is bound to increase. Most of the time if the air cooling or water cooling system heat dissipation is good, it can be determined that the compressor load is due to lack of refrigerant.

2. High exhaust temperature

High exhaust temperature is one of common phenomenon for industrial water chillers. By observing the exhaust pressure and thermometer can clearly read exhaust temperature. High exhaust temperature is not a rare phenomenon, which leads many people to react negatively to the problem of high exhaust temperature of industrial chiller. In fact, the high exhaust temperature may be due to the abnormal operation of the oil separator, or the lack of refrigerating oil, or the lack of refrigerant. So we should check the system seriously when this problem comes up.


3. Cooling efficiency decrease

In the same way, there are many reasons for the reduction of cooling efficiency. But the leakage of refrigerant will certainly reduce the cooling efficiency greatly.


4. Increased power consumption, serious compressor wear

Due to the lack of refrigerant, the industrial chiller cannot meet the refrigeration requirements and the outlet temperature of chilled water is not up to the standard. Therefore, the compressor will increase the load to meet the demand of chilled water, resulting in large consumption of power resources and large wear of the compressor.


In many cases, the leakage of refrigerant is not easy, especially for large industrial water chiller, whose cooling capacity and cooling efficiency are reduced, which is not easy to find. Maintenance personnel can detect the leakage by electronic leak detector or find other more effective methods to find the problem of chiller and solve it.

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Post time: Aug-25-2019
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