Different styles of Qatar World Cup stadium cooling system! Let’s find out!

Qatar has a tropical desert climate, and even if the World Cup is scheduled for winter, the temperature is not low. In order to provide a comfortable environment for players and spectators, the World Cup stadiums have been equipped with cooling systems in collaboration with the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee and Qatar University

Qatar World Cup Stadium

All but 974 of the eight World Cup stadiums are known to have installed cooling systems. Air vents are installed around the football field and under the stands. During the game, a steady stream of cold air is sent through the vents.

The system is cooled by heat from the sun, and cold air is circulated through pipes throughout the court. Dr Saud Abdul Ghani, professor of mechanical engineering at Qatar University, said: "The court cooling system uses the buoyancy difference to ensure that the denser cold air stays at the bottom and the less dense hot air stays above."

Qatar World Cup Stadium 2

At the same time, different courses have different measures to cool down. The Atuma Stadium, for example, uses pure white to reflect sunlight and help keep the stadium cool. The Arbeit (Bay) stadium is equipped with an advanced switchable roof that can be combined with a cooling system to keep the stadium cooler.

The World Cup stadium in Qatar at night

It is worth mentioning that the only stadium without a cooling system is 974 containers as the main structure, will be completely dismantled and reused after the World Cup. Due to the stadium's back to the sea and unique roof design, the sea breeze serves as the natural air-conditioning system for the stadium. During matches, players and fans alike enjoy comfortable temperatures on the 974 court, as sea breezes flow freely through the Spaces above the containers and the stands.

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