What to do if a water level alarm occurs?

When a water level alarm occurs, don’t worry.

The first step is to find the electronic float ball. The electronic float ball is fixed on the wall of the water tank near the door panel. It is a white cylinder. Check whether it is stuck.

If the electronic float ball is not stuck, proceed to step two.

Pull out the outer wiring and use a multimeter to measure the state of the electronic float ball. Turn the white cylinder up and down, and there will be a change of normally open and normally closed. If there is no change when you turn the white cylinder up and down, it can be determined that the electronic float ball is damaged and needs to be replaced.

In order not to affect the startup, it can be short-circuited. As shown in the picture, connect the two ends of 5A+A two cables.

Post time: Nov-04-2023
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